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Break-Up Instant Monologue



ADRIENNE is pacing around her bedroom, talking on her cell phone to MARTHA, her ex-boyfriend's mother. Throughout the conversation she tends to speak more than she listens, and often talks over Martha. She fidgets and picks up objects a lot as she talks.


(Answers the phone after taking a deep breath. Putting on a cheery voice)

Martha, hi! How's it—yeah, no, same, I'm doing okay. Y'know, I saw you called last week but I was actually backpacking in the—hm? No, no it was just me. I'm just, you know, trying to spend some alone time and try to reconnect to…yeah, exactly.

Yeah, no, everything's great! I'm getting, like, perspective, I guess? It's kind of hard but so important to—hm? Mmhm. Mmhm. No, exactly. Well, and of course I miss you guys, but I just need to separate myself from him completely. You know how it is, just a little hard in the beginning. That's so great of you to say, thank you.

I don't know? Soon, I hope. Okay, yeah, that would be fun. Look, I… I'm sorry I haven't seen you and Paul in so… yeah, well, you know how it is, but maybe in a week or two I'll be up to—sorry? No, no, I totally understand! No, I want you to be able to too! I just…well, you're like my second mom, so…yeah I appreciate it. Oh, wait, Martha? Hello? Hellooo? Hi! Yeah, you're breaking up. I think it's me, I'm in a tunnel. You know I should really…yeah. Mhm. Of course. I'll really try to make it. Absolutely. Okay. Okay. I…love you too. Bye, Martha.

(Hangs up and sets the phone carefully on the bed, then lets the smile drop and weeps openly into her hands)

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