Instant Monologues
Brother Instant Monologue



Valerie is trying to talk to her mother, who is busy with Valerie's new baby brother.


(Doing a cartwheel)

Mom! Moooom! Watch this! Look at me! Mommy, you're not looking! Just put Luke down and come here and watch me for two seconds!

(Does another cartwheel and looks expectantly at her mother.)

Did you see that? Did you? Mom? Mommy? Mom, why is Luke crying? I don't like it when he cries all the time. I haven't cried in months and months because I'm a big girl and big kids don't cry unless they're really sad. Can we tell Luke to be a big boy too so he'll stop crying and maybe we can read a book then?

(Her mother makes a hushing noise.)

I don't like him very much. He's kind of ugly and red, isn't he? Mommy? When I grow up I'm not going to have a brother. I'm going to have a diamond crown and a horse named Rocket Sparkles and Luke will have to stay in all day long, right Mom?

I don't want to be an older sister. I want to have a horse instead. Horses are better than little brothers because they never cry or need new diapers.

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