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Divorce Instant Monologue



Frank is talking to Jessica about his divorce.


Everyone keeps telling me, "If you want to get over the divorce, you have to get back out there." That shouldn't bother me, but it does, you know? We were married twelve years, and we only split up a year ago. I don't think people would be saying that to me if she'd died, right? You're allowed to grieve and become a hermit if your spouse dies, but not if she leaves you for her tennis instructor? How is that fair? It's not, right?

Anyway, according to my mother I'm "wallowing," so I'm really trying to make an effort. It's just so hard when all the women I meet are cold or needy or just…not interesting, you know? I guess it's just that everyone seems like a pale comparison to Alison. Her name was Alison, by the way. Is. She's still alive. I guess I mentioned that. So yeah, I know there are a lot of interesting people out there, and I want to be happy again, but it's just so hard sometimes to reach out to another person and trust them with your soul like that.

Sorry if that was a lot to put on you on the first date. Tell me something about your life. Tell me everything about you.

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