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Martha is taking her daughter-in-law, Chloe, on a shopping trip before Christmas.


Oh, Chloe, would you look at this window display? Yes, let's go in here. Isn't this lovely? Oh my, I love the holiday seasons. Look at that display, dear, with the reindeer? This is perfect. I'll find something for Mark and you can help me figure out what he likes nowadays. It's so hard to shop for a son that I never see! When are the two of you going to move closer to home? Baltimore is on the other side of the country and it's so unsafe, you know? I worry about you both, I really do. There's crime and the weather is just horrid and there are a lot of…well, you know. Undesirable types. Gang members and all that.

(Plucks a dress off the rack and holds it up to Chloe's chest.)

Ooh, would you look at this dress? What a gorgeous color on you, don't you think? Look at that-right off the rack and I'll bet you it's just your size. Unless you think you might be getting a little bigger in this area in the next few months?

(Gestures at Chloe's abdomen. Chloe gives her a look and
Martha holds up her hands.)

I'm not pushing, I'm not pushing! But really, dear, you've been married for almost three years and I'm not going to be around that much longer. A woman needs to meet her grandchildren before she dies and it's bad enough that I never see my baby boy as it is.

It's no pressure, dear, but if you were to get pregnant it would be the perfect time to move back here. Wouldn't it be wonderful to spend more time with your family?

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