Instant Monologues
Gerstenberg Alice Wonderland Instant Monologue

by Alice Gerstenberg

adapted from Lewis Carroll


Lewis Carroll is divorced, playing chess. Golden-haired Alice, in a little blue dress, a black kitten in her arms, stands watching him.


Sometimes when I'm all alone I walk up to the looking-glass and talk to the other Alice. She's so silly, that Alice; she can't do anything by herself. She just mocks me all the time. When I laugh, she laughs; when I point my finger at her, she points her finger at me; and when I stick my tongue out at her she sticks her tongue out at me! Kitty has a twin too, haven't you darling?

(Alice goes to the mirror to show Kitty her twin.)

Don't you wish sometimes you could go into looking-glass house? See!

(Alice stands on an armchair and looks into the mirror)

There's the room you can see through the glass; it's just the same as our living-room here, only the things go the other way. I can see all of it-all but the bit just behind the fireplace. Oh! I do wish I could see that bit! I want so much to know if they've a fire there. You never can tell, you know, unless our fire smokes. Then smoke comes up in that room too-but that may be just to make it look as if they had a fire-just to pretend they had.

The books are something like our books, only the words go the wrong way. Won't there ever be any way of our getting through, Uncle?

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