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Shawn is being interviewed for a position and has just been asked what he would consider his greatest weakness.


Hmm…what would I consider my greatest weakness? Great question, by the way. Y'know, Dan-can I call you Dan?-I think it's really important to know your limitations and try to work past them, so identifying my flaws is an important part of the job process. A lot of people are satisfied with just standing still and treading water their whole lives, but not me. I want to actually make a difference in this company and, frankly, my entire field, which is why I'm here.

As far as my weaknesses go-well, an aged scotch and a tall brunette would rank pretty high on the list, am I right? Haha, I'm just kidding. Oh, but a good Macallan eighteen-year, am I right? I'm talking scotch, you perv, not the brunette! Hahaha!

No, for real, though, in all seriousness. I think this is a great question and deserves a thoughtful answer. I'd have to say that my greatest weakness is my relentless drive to be working all the time. It's like, I can't turn my brain off, y'know? I just get into a project and I have to make sure it's perfect. I'm a bit of a self-critic that way. Never feeling like I'm good enough. Always have to do better than I'm doing. My dad actually used to say, "Shawn-if you can't do that right, you'll have to stand outside until I get done fixing your mistakes." I tell you, once you've spent a couple hours outside with no coat on in January, you learn to pay better attention to a job. You learn to do things right. And you never go back to thinking "Well, I guess I'm good enough."

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