Instant Monologues
Loneliness Instant Monologue



Logan is stranded and has been alone on the island for quite some time. He has taken to talking to inanimate objects.


If only I'd brought a book with me into the life raft. Or if life rafts just came equipped with books. Not that I'm blaming you, Raft, you did an excellent job of getting me to this island. But it would have been nice to have some reading material. It would have been like having a dialogue with someone, instead of just an endless soliloquy.

You're a great listener, though, Raft. You too, Rocky. I worry I might be getting on your nerves sometimes. You can't live with someone for 584 days and not bother them occasionally, right? Like, Raft, you do leak a little bit. Not a lot! I don't mind it most of the time. Truly, I don't. Although it does keep me from trying to leave.

And you, Rocky. What can I even say? You're the most selfless friend I have here. Letting me use you in the fire pit was nice enough, but not complaining that there are 584 scratches all over you? That's true friendship. I tried at first to keep the time with Sandy, but you get ten tally marks in her and she lets the tide smooth them all away. Yeah, we're not friends, Sandy. I know you're listening.

At least you kind of carry the conversation, Tide. Or maybe you're asking me to shut up. All I ever hear from you is "Shh shhh shhh" back and forth all day and night. It's almost like music sometimes.

Actually, you're right, Raft. With the two of you and Palms back there as my shelter and support, I don't need a book. It's impossible to be lonely with friends like you.

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