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CAMERON, a young missionary of eighteen, has just knocked on the house. It is answered by a middle-aged woman who does not seem pleased to see him.


Hello, ma'am, if I could just have one small moment of your time.

(She shakes her head and starts to the close the door)

I understand what you're thinking, and I know that missionaries don't have the best reputations for success this close to the university. But I am on a mission to reach out to people all the same. Because your soul is important, Miss, and I can't possibly tell you the right way to take care of it. But can I ask you something?

(She nods suspiciously and he continues)

Do you ever have days where you wake up and feel just empty inside? Like nothing you do that day will matter? Like you hit all of the things you wanted to do with your life-get an education, get a job, get married, have kids-and you realize that none of it makes you as happy as you thought it would?

(She says nothing but doesn't leave)

I don't feel that way. I don't. It's not about joining the church. It's just…I used to think saving my soul was about believing the right things and following the right rules. Like, "Oh, I've never stolen something, so I'm okay and I can go back to my life." But now I realize that a worthy life is one that's lived in recognition of other people. Just being aware of how you can help and support them, and how every action can be an action of beauty and love.

That's all I wanted to talk to you about today, ma'am. Just about how each day can start to feel like it matters again.

(She opens the door and he smiles very sweetly)

Thank you, ma'am. I'd like to give you this Bible before I do anything else. It has everything you'll ever need. Now really, all I'm asking is a moment of your time.

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