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Raymond, an old man, is sitting at his desk, scrolling through websites. His wife, Ruth, is on the couch, doing the crossword puzzle.


I don't get it, Ruth. What is the point of a Face Book? It's just a lot of people yelling at each other and saying things they'd never say in front of their own mothers. Did you see what Jaylinn wrote in her-in her Face Book?

"You a stupid hoe." It just says that over and over again. Is it a poem? I don't like seeing my own granddaughter writing stuff like that where everyone can see it. What if she tries to find a job? Who's going to hire someone who writes garbage like that?

How can everything on the internets be this damnably inane? But then over here there's a whole list of links to all kinds of terrible stuff. CIA torturing people and kids starving to death across the world and Ebola everywhere you look. Everyone's growing up too fast and sharing too much. We should call little Jaylinn. She shouldn't be seeing all this. It'll turn her into an anarchist or one of those emos.

Huh. Would you look at that. Nothing else in her Face Book but pictures of herself and cat videos. It's like the rest of it doesn't even matter. God, that's kind of sadder, isn't it? News feeds directly from Liberia to your computer screen and everyone's still just looking at pointless videos of stupid cats…

(Watches video.)

Heh. Heheh. Ruth, have you seen this? The kitten getting chased by a lizard? Ruth? Ruth, you should see this. It's actually pretty funny.

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