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Resignation Instant Monologue



Peter enters, looking utterly exhausted and beaten-down. He is speaking to his wife.



Helen, you might want to sit down for this.

(He sits down and stares at his hands, hesitating and fidgeting)

I, um, well, I resigned today. I know, I know it wasn't what we talked about, but I can't be a whistleblower, Helen, it's just not in me.

Every day I watch that man lie to people. I watch him pay off inspectors and falsify safety reports and he shouldn't get away with it, I know that. I know it.

(Looks up at her)

But then I was reading about Deep Throat and Edward Snowden and I just…I have you and the kids to think about, don't I? I mean, what is my main priority supposed to be? A man can't be thinking about the safety of-of sweat shop kids in Tibet if it means he can't feed his own family, right? I mean, do you want to lose the house? Do you want to have to move? To-to Switzerland or something?

(Dropping his head into his hands)

Please don't look at me like that. I am trying. I'll find a new job that won't make me choose between a paycheck and my conscience. I'm sorry.

(She stands and walks away and he gets up abruptly,
kicking back the chair and making a half-hearted step toward her)

Don't, please. I did everything I could. I know I didn't have the courage to blow the whistle or the moral blindness to stay and keep my head down, but I did what I could! I gave what I could.

(She's gone. He drops his hand and speaks to himself.)

All I had left was my resignation.

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