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Sidelines Instant Monologue



Mandy is standing outside the ring, watching two teenage boys fight.


It seems so stupid that I used to go out with Danny. I mean, he's aggressive, rude, hostile, and is constantly beating up people weaker than he is. I guess what I was looking for was the possibility, however small, of being noticed by my peers. Of being accepted. After all, you have to notice and accept Danny for who he is, otherwise he punches you. A lot. But what does that say about me, if I'll just go out with a guy because he's a big goon who throws his weight around? If he uses his karate skills to instill fear in those around him?

And now Danny's fighting Billy. I never would have talked to Billy a few months ago. I mean, I'd seen him watching me, which was kind of creepy, but he was just so nerdy and spineless. Would you want to befriend someone who was sort of apathetically stalking you? I sure didn't. But then, I don't know. He learned karate and he stopped Danny from beating up that weird little kid in gym class. And I started to really examine my behavior. Like, why wasn't I standing up for other people? Why was I perpetuating this belief that people like Danny deserve to be in charge? Billy started to be someone I could look up to. Someone I actually wanted to talk to.

I don't even know if I like like Billy, but I'm guessing this champion competition will determine it. Either way, I should probably end up with one of these guys. I hope it's Billy. But if he loses, I guess I'll settle for Danny. The world rotates, the seasons change, but everything stays the same.

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