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HAZEL is in line at the checkout, speaking steadily as the clerk bags and rings up her items.


Did you see that man? Hardly even looked at you. People are so rude. Oh, here, I have a reusable bag.

(Hands the clerk her bag)

The problem is everybody's on their smartphones these days. My granddaughter, Rainn, has one, and she's only nine years old. Nine. She should be playing outside in the sunshine, don't you think? It isn't healthy for people to stare at screens all day. I read a thing that says it can lead to blindness. Or cancer. Either way, seems like a bad thing, doesn't it?

No one just sits with their thoughts anymore. Now if you're in a line or on the bus, you're just…texting or something. Instead of making conversation like this, you know, talking to people, making connections. Which is what really matters when you get right down to it.

The other day I gave my little grandson a book to play with and he tried to swipe the pages instead of turning them. Can you even believe that?

(Shakes her head disbelievingly)

I miss the days where people actually paid attention to the people and things around them. I feel like we miss so much just by being absorbed in these little silicone worlds.

(Realizes that the clerk has been trying to signal her)

Oh, I'm sorry, what did you say? Cash or debit? Right! Debit. You'll have to excuse me. I get so carried away sometimes.

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