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Ursula has just walked in on her husband, Mark, in a compromising situation with another woman.



I knew it. All the late nights and secret "office meetings"…I should've seen this coming. God, Mark, how could you? Twenty-five years together and you can't even be honest with me? I get to find you in bed with a…an intern?

(To the woman, dangerously)

You. Keep your mouth shut. And you-

(Points at Mark threateningly, her lip starting to quiver)

You stupid, unfaithful rug of a man! You inane, hopeless dishrag! No! Shut up! Look at you. What are you even doing? Did you think? Did you think at all? No, don't answer me, I can see it all over your face. You didn't think for a second. Not about your family, not about your future, and certainly not about me. Marriage is a sacrament and what does that mean to you? Nothing at all. Nothing at all. You insect. You are not my husband. A marriage requires trust. It requires communication. And you just…god, you make me so sick I could cry.

(She puts a hand to her mouth as though she may indeed cry but
nothing comes except more fury.)

God! I can't even-Do you even have the smallest inkling of how important this month is to us? You are behind in the polls by a six percent margin. If this gets out, who do you think is going to be paying attention to your immigration policy? No one, Mark, you despicable trash heap. All anyone will be talking about is the scandal of you cheating on your wife with the help!

(She shakes her head and turns away)

Don't you say a word to me. Don't you dare say a word. I will never, never forgive you for this.

(Pacing the room and muttering.)

At least no one knows. And they never will. This is a position of trust and I cannot let you put that at risk. Not now. Not when we're so close. I just can't believe you would do this to me.

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